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11.25Lecture - o Over 5,000 Jews were sheltered by 5,000...

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Bystander Response What were the circumstances that motivated people and made them do acts of  kindness? o Anti-Nazi o Communist o Anyone besides the Germans – French Belgian, Dutch Their countries have been occupied o Personal benefit Bribes Money o Religious motivation to help others o Personal connection o Moral reasons o Having the resources o Guilt o People might be of benefit after the war o Empathy Italy Denmark Pierre Sauvage Film – Weapons of the Spirit
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Unformatted text preview: o Over 5,000 Jews were sheltered by 5,000 Christians in small town o People were deported to the same concentration camps for helping the Jews o Danes looked like Nazis o Danes government operated for awhile even under Nazi rule o Jews were part of Danish society An attack on Jews was an attack on Denmark Small number of Jews in the city...
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