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9.22Lecture - Tribes o Bands = foraging wide spectrum...

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“Tribes” o Bands = foraging “wide spectrum mobile” o Tribes = agriculture/sedentary o Men pursure hunting of Big Game Eland Large Canteloupe Extremely important to male status because a male is not allowed to marry  until he shows himself capable of killing a big game animal Shows status because big game is distributed to everyone in the band, not  kept by the person who procured it o Hunting (males) o Gathering (females) o Plant food o “Bush food” Plants Small Animals Not shared with the community Private/Family property o Small game Ju/hoansi = Bushmen Kung San Khoisan Lang Family o Click language= implosive consonants Consonants (stops) are formed by pulling the breath in as opposed to out,  like English Bantu Lang Family o Congo Basin   S. Africa Kalahari Desert o 4-40 in/year of rain Gautsha o
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  • Fall '08
  • Boehm
  • Hunting, big game, Bushmen Kung San Khoisan Lang Family, Bantu Lang Family o Congo Basin S. Africa Kalahari Desert, Deserts Farmers

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