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9.23Dis - Email [email protected] DueDate for Film Journal Pushed...

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Email  [email protected] DueDate for Film Journal: Pushed back another week (2 due in Oct) Points of Views Biases Thesis? Window into the Past Documentary Analysis Tells a story about a particular time and place Movie o Marriage o Family unit is not the natural unit for sexual reproduction or area for sexual  activity Cultural Matrifocal Hearth was the heart of the home Basis for the foundation for organizing the family and socially  constructuring the tribe o Do you Take This Man? Pakistani Arranged Marriages 36,000 Pakistanis In LA and most want arranged marriages 2% end in divorce 48% for love marriages Love Songs & peaceful town Looks are very important first impression “How do you feel about marriage?”, School, College, “normal things” Word of Mouth to find out about the potential partner
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  • Fall '08
  • Boehm
  • Arranged marriage, film journal, Cultural Matrifocal Hearth, Pakistani Arranged Marriages, Views Biases Thesis

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