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9.24Lec - Authority After a period long enough for 3...

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Distinctive features of Bushman kinship o Generational (Kinship terminology) o Seniority (authority) o Naming (individual identity  alternating generations) Integrating them into the categories of the personal universe If Tsamko has a son, his name will be the same as his grandfather’s Parents “own” their grandchildren o Younger, yet unformed version of themselves o Sex/Marriage  Residence (bride service) Tsamko inherits waterhole of Gautsha from mother Life Cycle stages o Child o Hunter/Husband Scars Child becomes a man after sex When he gets married, “being a male becoming a groom”, his  residence is determined by his sex Access to meat o Elder (3 Children  polygamy)
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Unformatted text preview: Authority After a period long enough for 3 children, the man is released from the bondage he owes to the parents of his wife • Can go find himself another wife • A lot of the time he`ll marry 2 sisters because the wives will get along better Movie o Track anteaters into the holes that are made o Got married before menstruating o When they shoot their first big animals, they get their first cuts o “Owners of the Shade” Goucha group, starting to be serious hunters o Girl flirted with her uncle to make her husband mad o Important to give baby a good birth Some women are afraid to give birth...
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