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10.4Dis - Was appalled when people said “our people their...

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Small Village in Europe in Jan. 1993 o 2/3 Muslim, 1/3 Catholic 500 Years ago they split, but tensions never really showed  themselves until now o Right in the middle of Serbia o Fine with the differences, but are saying “there is only one G-d, not  several!” o TV News is the focal point of every evening o Muslims are nervous about the plan to divide up Bosnia o Hope to be neutral, their village is on a boundary line o Use prayer beads in the mosque to pray for their safety and invoke  the name of G-d 99 times o Anxious about traveling because of the war To Kukavica o Fearful o In the past, nationality was not important at all
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Unformatted text preview: Was appalled when people said “our people, their people” o Were evacuated poorly clothed and not packed o Fighting is Croat vs Muslim o Afraid the fighting will happen among them because it is so close o Joking about the boarders and eating Croatia with the pancake scene. Bosnia stays whole. They don’t eat it o At the beginning they had a common enemy and at the end they begin to distrust eachother Fear of the war going on that stirred the divisions in the community Result of the division that the war brought on o Theyre really not that separate o...
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