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Historiographic account o Confucian classics Set of books Legendary accounts Mar Weker Typology o Oracle bones proved that the Shang dynasty was not a myth o Cultural historial who compared many different texts Created a typology of many kinds of early states First kind was a patrimonial state Lineage Real caliber date o Mandate of heaven Morally charged version of their conquest Framed the way that the Confucian classics proceeded  to narrate history o Use of iron was much cheaper and more widespread than copper  Copper is rare, iron is found in more widespread locations Appearance of iron weaponry resulted in warring states Resulted in area of China  Film – China: Dynasties of Power o Mandate of Heaven Addicted to alchohol
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Unformatted text preview: Last Shang king was fond of drinking Mysterious sculpture wearing a mask o Lush farmland o Emporer Chin destroyed 2/3 of his enemy population in battle Unified China Established a state system where all the power was in a centralized government o Han dynasty was equaled in might only by the Roman Empire Knew even the Great Wall couldn’t protect his kingdom forever Silk was discovered by Zhang Chen • Zhang Chen talked about the Silk Road and how trade was occurring down it Fatty diet rich in meats and seafoods Chin cloned his human army into lifesize soldiers made of clay • These were surrounding his tomb • Terracotta warriors...
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