Psych 101 Module 17

Psych 101 Module 17 - people being mindful of the curse of...

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Psych 101 Module 17 Perceptual Interpretation 16/10/2007 13:39:00 Vision is partly an acquired sense. Perceptual adaptation-  in vision, the ability to adjust to an artificially displaced or  even inverted visual field. Perceptual set-  a mental predisposition to perceive one thing and not another. Based on schemas Perception is both innate and learned. Human factors psychologists-  a branch of psychology that explores how people  and machines interact and how machines and physical environments can be made  safe and easy to use. Designers and engineers should consider the human factor by designing things to fit 
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Unformatted text preview: people, being mindful of the curse of knowledge, and user-testing their inventions before production and distribution. ♦ Extrasensory perception (ESP)- the controversial claim that perception can occur apart from sensory input. Said to include telepathy, clairvoyance, and precognition. ♦ Parapsychology- the study of paranormal phenomena, including ESP and psychokinesis- “mind over matter”. 16/10/2007 13:39:00 ♦ 16/10/2007 13:39:00 ♦...
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Psych 101 Module 17 - people being mindful of the curse of...

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