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Michigan State University - Department of Accounting Accounting 201 - Financial Accounting Fall Semester, 2008 COURSE PERSONNEL Professor: Charlie Bokemeier, DBA, CPA, CGFM N206 Business College Complex (BCC) Phone: 432-9849 E-mail: Office Hours: 9:00-11:00 a.m., M, W Course Website: Angel Financial Accounting Fall 2008 Graduate Assistant: Amy Andrews N 202 BCC Graduate Assistant E-mail :, Phone: 432-1675 Office hours: TTH 10:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m. Your Section Assistant: ___________________________________ E-mail address (see e-mail list in Course Notes) ___________________________________ CLASS MEETINGS AND COURSE FORMAT Mondays and Wednesdays Professor Bokemeier lectures. Meet in 1281 Anthony Hall 12:40-1:30; 1:50-2:40 Fridays ACC 201 assistants conduct recitation. Meet in room assigned to your section per your schedule. Due to seating limitations, for Professor Bokemeier’s lectures , please attend the lecture time your section of the course is assigned . Always attend the recitation in which you are enrolled. REQUIRED COURSE MATERIALS Financial Accounting by Libby, Libby and Short, Irwin McGraw-Hill, 2004, 5 th edition . Financial Accounting 201 , Spring 2008 course outlines by Charlie Bokemeier, Hayden i-Clicker for use in lecture Simple, basic calculator , no programmable memory for quizzes/tests The course outlines contain important assignments, projects, as well as lecture outlines that have been prepared to assist you in taking notes during class and to help you understand the text material. You should bring the course outlines and the i-clicker to all lectures. For recitations take the outline booklet and your textbook. 8
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RESPONSIBILITIES OF COURSE PERSONNEL RESPONSIBILITIES Professor Bokemeier Determines course policies, including coverage Lectures – Mondays and Wednesdays Directs assistants, decides overall grades for course and helps with make-up of quizzes and exams. Amy Andrews Graduate Assistant Keeps office hours: N202 BCC Test and scoring coordinator, maintain web page Approves all excused absences from quizzes and exams Coordinates make-up exams Settles disagreements on exams and quizzes-will go over them with you at your request Student Assistants Lead the Friday recitation sessions and administers quizzes and examinations on Fridays Grade all homework, class exercises, and projects handed in, and class participation Work in Help Room, providing assistance with homework problems and questions Tutors Several Assistants and other accounting majors may be available for tutoring. A list will be placed on our Web Page. You cannot hire your Assistant as a tutor. IMPORTANT DATES
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Course_Expectations_and_Administration-f - Michigan State...

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