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IAH 207 Summer 2008 Pellerito Paper Assignment #2: Subjecthood and Language The second paper of the semester asks you to make connections between texts we’ve read so far. Your answer should be 4-5 pages typed, double-spaced, in Times New Roman with 1” margins. You will need to develop an organized argument with a specific, creative thesis that addresses the major elements of your topic. Please note that your essay need not specifically answer every question within the larger topic you choose, although it should maintain the structure and basic task required of you (i.e., if you are asked to compare two scenes, this is not an optional part of the assignment; similarly, “compare and contrast” still requires a workable thesis statement beyond “ x and y are both similar and different” ). Again, you must develop an interesting, critical, well-organized response to a set of questions, using the text(s) suggested as evidence that supports your claims. Outside sources should not be used; pay careful attention to the citation procedures demonstrated within the questions below. Papers that disregard spelling, punctuation and grammar will be penalized.
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