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Excel HW1 - Excel HW#1 The Excel Manual is available at...

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Excel HW #1 The Excel Manual is available at StatsPortal (http://portals.bfwpub.com/ips6e). To get into StatsPortal for the first time, follow the instructions inside of the StatsPortal access card (purchased with your textbook). When you are registering in StatsPortal, be sure to choose our STOR155 course (with my name as Instructor) from the drop-down menu. After you have registered in StatsPortal, you will be able to Login (using your email address and your password). On the StatsPortal homepage, click on our course “Introductory Statistics - STOR 155”; this will lead you to our course homepage (within StatsPortal). Under the heading “StatsPortal Resources”, look in the drop-down menu (“Choose a resource”) and select “Student Enhanced Excel Manual”. On the resulting page, click on the link “Student Enhanced Excel Manual”; then on the next resulting page click on the link “Student Enhanced Excel Manual” (PDF document). Follow those steps whenever you want the Excel Manual.
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