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Excel HW #2 In the Excel Manual (Chapter 1), read pages 22 - 25. While you read the Excel Manual, use your computer to try out and experiment with each new step, using the same data-set that is used in the Manual. Page 22: Type the data into your Excel worksheet (including the column titles "Tire Model", "Count", "Percent"). The data table should occupy cells A1:C10. Page 24: Move the bar-chart out of the way before you begin making the pie-chart. Notice that all 3 columns (A, B, C) are highlighted. In the middle of the page, the word "waste" should be replaced with the word "tire". Page 25: To make your pie-chart look like the one shown in the Manual, first click on your pie-chart, then select the "Design" tab and look at the "Chart Layouts" section. Scroll through the "Chart Layout" choices and select the layout that shows percentages (%) and includes leader-lines, but does not include a legend. To remove (or to edit) the Title on the chart, just right-click directly on the Title, and then use the usual text-editing process.
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