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Unformatted text preview: Excel HW #4 In the Excel Manual (Chapter 2), read pages 38 - 41. While you read the Excel Manual, use your computer to try out and experiment with each new step, using the same data-set that is used in the Manual. The Duck Worth Wearing data-set is available in StatsPortal: Go to our course homepage (within StatsPortal) and select the tab "RESOURCES" at the top of the homepage. On the RESOURCES page, click directly on the folder "Excel Manual DataSets.zip"; then on the resulting page click again on "Excel_Manual_DataSets.zip"; then open the folder and click on the file "Duckworth Wearing p- 38.xls", which will open an Excel file of this data-set. Make your scatterplot look like the one shown at the top of page 40 (in the Excel Manual), by using the options available under "Chart Title", "Axis Titles", and "Legend" (these are found on the Layout Tab of Chart Tools). Note the following discrepancy between the data-set from StatsPortal versus the data-set shown in the Excel Manual: In the StatsPortal data-set, the five Saturdays are actually on the dates 3/31/1996, 4/7/1996,...
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