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Article 1 - Article 1 The Facts of Evolution By Michael...

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Article 1: The Facts of Evolution By Michael Shermer - When Charles Darwin published On the Origin of Species , some argued that Darwin should have simply writen his observations rather than formulating a theory o Darwin responded that science, to be of any service, required more than list-making; instead, all observation must be for or against some viet if it is to be of any service - Theory: a well-supported and well-tested generalization that explains a set of observations Prediction and Observation - Evolution is a historical science (prediction and verification by subsequent observation) o For example, he developed a theory of coral reef evoluion even before he developed the theory of biological evolution He had seen different types of coral reefs and reasoned that the different examples of coral reefs did not represent different types, but rather different stages of development of coral reefs It was a triumph of theory in driving scientific investigation - Thomas Henry Huxley was Darwin’s main defender Against Some View - John Ray introduced the idea of creationism, inspired by Bible itself - William Paley, another creationist, advanced Ray’s works by bringing forth the watchmaker analogy and
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Article 1 - Article 1 The Facts of Evolution By Michael...

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