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Article 2 - -They antagonized each other o Buffon felt that...

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Article 2: Happy Birthday, Linnaeus By: Richard Conniff - Carl Linnaeus was extremely influential in the field of natural science o He introduced the binomial system for naming organisms The first part indicates genus, the second species o He wrote Systema naturae by the age of 28 His work was so simple that it allowed even beginners to classify organisms o He was egotistical and a staunch creationist - However, his contemporary, Georges-Louis Leclerc, Comte de Buffon, who also made great contributions to this field, is often forgotten o He wrote Histoire naturelle, which catalogued the king’s collection of natural artifacts It became an immediate bestseller o He ridiculed the idea that order could be placed upon nature o He had a primitive notion of evolution He believed that species could be transformed by their habitats
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Unformatted text preview: -They antagonized each other o Buffon felt that Linnaeuss system was ridiculous and that elm trees should not be classified with carrots o Also, the system is often arbitrary o Linnaeuss system endured partly because the binomial system is so convenient and Buffon did not offer an alternative Also, his timing was good; he introduced a way of organizing plants and animals just as many were being discovered-Buffon is credited with four important ideas in the history of science o The understanding of geologic time He undermined the biblical idea that the earth was created just 6000 years ago, instead of billions of years ago o The definition of species on biological terms o The role of habitat in shaping species o The conviction that species can change over time...
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