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Article 5: Why Should Students Learn Evolution? By: Brian J. Alters and Sandra M. Alters - Although evolution is a controversial topic, many people believe that is essential to teach this subject in classrooms o Evolution not only unifies all of the areas of science but also permeates into other disciplines such as philosophy, psychology, literature, and the arts o It has had an extensive and expansive impact on human thought o Evolution explains the why of nature and has practical considerations that affect day-to-day life o For example, we need evolution to understand bacterial resistance to antibiotics Why is evolution the context of the biological science – a unifying theory? - Evolution takes place slowly, through natural selection o Organisms are more favored if they possess reproductively advantageous traits - Natural selection explains, in part, how organisms got to be the way they are today - All organisms are related, some more distantly than others - Evolution is the story of biology; biology the study of all life
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