Article 8 The 2% Difference

Article 8 The 2% Difference - o Chimps have many more genes...

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Article 8: The 2% Difference By: Robert Sapolsky - What makes the human species more intelligent is the sheer difference in the numbers of standard-issue neurons o There are only a few differences between the genetics involved in the chimp brain and the human brain o Those involved in neural development determine the number of times the brain undergoes cell division Humans undergo a couple more rounds of brain cell division than chimps do - Other differences
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Unformatted text preview: o Chimps have many more genes that are related to their sense of smell than we do We don’t rely on smell as much as they do o Their immune system is different than ours Parasite vulnerability and infectious diseases • Chimps are resistant to malaria and we aren’t • We are more resistant to tuberculosis o Reproductive genes o Regulator proteins, which control whether or not a protein is activated...
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