Article 10 Got Culture

Article 10 Got Culture - imitation – a simple version of...

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Article 10: Got Culture? By: Craig Stanford - Anthropologists used to say that chimps do not have their own culture o However, some had observed marked differences between populations in Africa o Instead, they called it behavioral variation They believed that culture was symbolic and that animals lacked symbolism - There are three likely explanations for the differences among chimp tool use across Africa o Perhaps there are mutations that arise in one population but not in others that involved tool making However, we would never argue that human cultures are different because of genetic differences o Maybe the environment in which the chimpanzee population lives dictates the pattern of tool use This is not true, because even with an abundance of certain resources in an area, chimps may not use them as tools o Or, they may be passed down from generation to generation through observation and
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Unformatted text preview: imitation – a simple version of human culture Preschoolers’ cultures are not symbolic, but we grant them human qualities because we know the children will turn out to be human adults They may use meat or grooming as a primitive form of currency-Why don’t other big primates use tools? o You must have the anatomical prerequisites to develop o There is also a strong probability of chance Once innovations are made, they may last a very long time without being either extinguished or improbed upon-The word culture was invented for humans and this has blinded cultural theorists to a more expansive appreciation of the concept o Whether or not apes have culture is not the issue It’s whether or not people who study cultures will accept a more expansive definition • Culture belongs to whoever defines it...
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Article 10 Got Culture - imitation – a simple version of...

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