Article 12 Why Are Some Animals So Smart

Article 12 Why Are Some Animals So Smart - Article 12: Why...

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Article 12: Why Are Some Animals So Smart? By: Carel van Schaik Incomplete Theories - Many people credit believe that the complexity of the social life of primates spurred the development of strong cognitive abilities o This suggests that intelligence was developed by cultivating the most profitable relationships and on rapidly reading the social situation - There are other possible theories o For example, the ability to extract complicated food o Or, the ability to pass down knowledge to children - This researcher believes that culture is responsible for the development of intelligence Technology in the Swamp - The researcher studied orangutans that lived in the swamps of Sumatra - There, they observed orangutans using tools, which as never before observed in the wild o They use tools to get insects out of trees o Also, they use them for getting seeds out of a fruit Why Tool Use is Cultural - This is not because of their habitat because other habitats have the same resources, but the orangutans that live there do not use them
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