Article 17 Whats Love Got to Do with It

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Article 17: What’s Love Got to Do with It? By: Meredith F. Small - Bonobos frequently use sex to dispel tensions within their group - They are more delicate in build than their chimpanzee cousins - Bonobo behavior can shed light on the evolution of human sexual behavior o They, like humans, separate sex from reproduction They treat it as a pleasurable activity and rely on it as a sort of social glue o They also copulate face-to-face, which is an uncommon position in animals other than humans - However, they don’t differentiate between the sexes or across age groups - Sexual behavior also occurs after aggressive encounters o This usually happens between males o Female bonobo sexuality isn’t tied to her ovulation cycle, like the chimps - Bonobo females usually leave their natal groups once they are mature
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