1 Chinese Language

1 Chinese Language - (Cantonese) o Vietnamese is as well;...

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Chinese Language - Important throughout all of East Asia because of its influece on other languages - Part of the Sino-Tibetan language family o Chinese and Tibetan language hae a common ancestor - Basis of the Chinese language seems monosyllabic o There were a few exceptions - Japanese & Korean seem polysyllabic - Chinese is no longer primarily monosyllabic o They combined old syllables to form new words - Chinese is a tonal language o The meaning changes with the tone o Mandarin has 4 tones o Some southern languages (dialects) have more tones; sometimes up to 11 tones
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Unformatted text preview: (Cantonese) o Vietnamese is as well; Korean & Japanese are not-There is no inflection of morphology in Chinese o Nothing to indicate gender, infinitive form, etc. Writing System of China-Pictograph o They are from old carvings and bones of animals o Chinese believed in spirits involved with human life (divine guidance) o They marked off a month at every full moon-Ideograph o Idea, concept rather than pictures o Combine two characters in a sense of an idea-Combination o Involves sound and sense of pronunciation and meaning...
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1 Chinese Language - (Cantonese) o Vietnamese is as well;...

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