2 Chinese Legendary History & Cultural Contributions

2 Chinese Legendary History & Cultural Contributions -...

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Unformatted text preview: 2 C hinese Legenda ry H istory & Cultu ral Cont ributions Fu Xi : Ox tamer Yao & Shun Yao made the first calendar/organized time Yao had the chance to create a dynasty Instead, he passed leadership onto Shun Shun in turn passed it onto a hardworking man (Yu the Great) Instead of passing leadership onto the most worthy person, he passed it down in his family, following the advice of his men There is no evidence to the names and the actual dynasty Yu worked with public works 2205 BC-1766 BC Different names because the capital moved Overthrew the Xia dynasty Earliest period of time with proof of written language Established in northern China (civilized China) Overthrew the last Shang king by righteous rebellion Domesticate wild animals Hunt and fish Didn’t invent writing Introduced agriculture Permanence/attachment to soil & land God of fire Notion of markets, trade led to commerce F irst pharmacist Tasted everything to see what was good or bad Made houses out of wood His wife made silk from cocoons clothing Boats, carriages Used bows and arrows Ceramics Invention of Chinese characters First national leader Shen Nong : divine farmer Yellow Emperor Yu the Great (Xia dynasty) Shang/Yin Dynasty Zhou dynasty (1122 BC) - Yang Shao - Theorized about this process (Mandate of Heaven) o Rulers are counterparts of heaven o They rule for the people o Avoidance of harsh punishments o Serving as an example to the common people Lasted a long time (until 256 BC) Raised dogs and pigs for food Painted pottery 2000 BC Planted rice Had oracle bones, but there was no writing on them Made ornaments and weapons with bronze Used silk cloth Written language Permanent dwellings Written records o Classic of documents: wasn’t a consistent history o Canon of Yao & Canon of Shun LongShan ( Dragon Mountain) Advances toward civilization ...
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2 Chinese Legendary History & Cultural Contributions -...

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