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Ancient Korea - Unit 2 Lecture 1 10/09/08 Ancient Korea...

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Unit 2 – Lecture 1 10/09/08 Ancient Korea - Tangun set up Korea, or Choson, in 2333 BC in the city of P’yongyang o This was the capital of many states set up in Ancient Korea; it is now the capital of North Korea - The creation of Choson o The divine creator, Hwangin, and his son, Hwanong o Hwanong descends to Earth with the wind gods, etc. and is greeted by the female bear and the tiger o They want to become humans to become his consorts and in order to do so, they ingest garlic and Artemisia and mugwort (herbs) o They secluded themselves in a cave o The bear transformed into a human and the tiger did not o The union between the new human and Hwanong produces Tangun, who establishes his rule in P’yongyang in Choson - The Koreans believe in animism o Totem gods at the head of each family (animal spirits) o Wind, rain, and cloud spirits o The belief in animism changed to a devotion to the Sun God - 1122 BC (establishment of Zhou dynasty in China and the exit of the Shang dynasty) o A ruling prince of the Shang ruling house, Ji Zi, emigrated from North China to North Korea to escape the Zhou conquerors In Korean, he is called (Kija) o There, he established a Chinese state in P’yongyang in Choson - These two myths may seem incompatible o Tangun may have come first and set up his Choson o Kija could have come later and set up his state at the exact same place - Chinese influence in Korea was strong o Some people suggest that there were barbarians that were living in the East (in China) along the coastal regions during the Shang dynasty When the Zhou people came after them, they migrated to the Korean peninsula o Agriculture seems to have come from China itself
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Ancient Korea - Unit 2 Lecture 1 10/09/08 Ancient Korea...

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