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Chinese dynasties - Unit 2 Lecture 2 10/14/08 Qin...

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Unit 2 – Lecture 2 10/14/08 Qin unification & Legalism in China - By 256 BC, the Zhou empire had come to an end – China was split into many states - Qin state – where Legalism was established by Shang Yang - 221 BC – Warring states period came to an end when the Qin dynasty conquered all of the states - He declared himself emperor and put himself in charge of the entire empire o He split the empire into smaller counties or commanderies - Everything was standardized throughout the entire empire o The first efforts to standardize Chinese language o Land and water communication were greatly improved, benefitting commerce and further unifying the empire o Agriculture was encouraged for the wealth of the states, as well as irrigation o Encouraged private ownership of the land He didn’t want to give them too much land – it would lie fallow He wanted to encourage the peasants to work the land Extensive forced labor Heavy taxation o Internal fortifications were made to prevent rebellion and foreign invasion Built walls along the northern boundaries of the empire (not the Great Wall) Private weapons were confiscated o Ban on private assembly, encouragement to watch neighbors o Confucian writings and writings on anything that was opposed to legalism were banned o Individual rights and wealth were compromised for unification - Jia Yi: wrote on the faults of the Qin empire o He wrote on how Qin came to power in the first place (with force) o Instituted a number of reforms to unify and standardize the empire
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Chinese dynasties - Unit 2 Lecture 2 10/14/08 Qin...

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