Daoism - Daoism (11/11) Historical Background: The imperial...

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Daoism (11/11) - Historical Background: o The imperial civilization of China starts to break down and Confucianism loses its attraction among the intellectuals of China with the collapse of the Han dynasty The Han lasted from 206 BC – 220 AD, and ended with the abdication of the final emperor According to the Confucian minded historians, the Han was plagued by the extreme influence of the eunuchs and the near success of a popular rebellion o In 184 AD, there was a civil war within China; the emperor won It had lasting effects on the empire; there were now warlords o The next administration associated themselves with the color yellow – the color associated with Earth, which traditionally takes over Fire It was headed by the Cao family in the North under the name Wei However, at this point, they were unable to unify China o China split into three kingdoms which were constantly suspicious of each other Southeast: Sun family ruled under the name Wu Southwest: Shu-Han kingdom ruled by Liu They believed that the Han dynasty could be revived Wei claimed to have the rights of the empire and believed that the Mandate of Heaven had been passed on to him The first kingdom to fall was Shu-Han; it was defeated by Wei o However, the Wei was beginning to be plagued by a powerful internal family, the Sima They would eventually break away and form the Jin dynasty o In 280 AD, the Three Kingdoms period came to an end and was united under the Jin dynasty However, it was far from being a stable dynasty o In 317 AD, there began a period of absolute chaos in the North
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Daoism - Daoism (11/11) Historical Background: The imperial...

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