Buddhism - Buddhism (School of Meditation) Terms- Dhyana...

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Unformatted text preview: Buddhism (School of Meditation) Terms- Dhyana (Sanskrit term for meditation)- Chan (Mandarin derivation of Dhyana)- Son Korean- Zen Japan The reality is a fundamental unity of overall differences The meditation school is a kind of great vehicle of Buddhism- It is called meditation Buddhism because of the meditation involved- It also uses anecdotes or exchanges between the priests of the medittion schools of the past and their disciples- It is aimed at the experience of enlightenment, especially sudden enlightenment o This was acheieved by the founder of Buddhism himself o Intuition comes about with sudden enlightenment through the model of the Buddha in a sermon that he gave to his disciples The sermon was wordless He simply stood in front of his disciples, holding a flower and just gazed at it Of all of the disciples present, only one smiled in secret understanding o Kashyapa- So, the p atriarch is the founder of Buddha, the s econd is Kashyapa- The m ethod of te aching is special, a nd so m etim es ev en secret o They dont use sutras Heart-mind to he art-mind- When the Buddha stood before Kashyap a, his e nlighten m e nt was sudd en and - The 28 th patriarch is Bodhidharma, which translates into enlightenment law o He was supposed to have lived back in the 5 th century and was supposed to have transmitted the doctrine to China from India o He became the first of the patriarchs in China- The platform doctrine of Huineng o He is the 6 th patriarch in China and lived during the Han dynasty- In the m e ditation school, there is no dep end ence on sacred writings, however there o There is no reliance on a certain written work o They rely on insight o You cant gain e nlighten m e nt through reading works o You m ust realize your own n ature, which is the n ature of the Buddha within you...
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Buddhism - Buddhism (School of Meditation) Terms- Dhyana...

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