Final Review

Final Review - Bring: Blue book to be exchanged 10-15...

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Bring: Blue book to be exchanged 10-15 minutes before the test starts Final is on December 16 at 8 AM Choose 3 out of 6 questions to answer Material on the test: - The final is not cumulative except for the written languages of China, Korea, and Japan from the first semester (2 nd lecture) o The Chinese written language was a cultural medium for East Asia, especially in Japan, but also, to a certain extent, for Korea Basically 3 types of Chinese characters (know them) Korean alphabet is actually the latest kind of writing to be devised in East Asia The alphabet is really divorced from the Chinese written language Koreans used Chinese along with their alphabet as well, but not anymore The Japanese writing system (kana?) is based on Chinese characters and form, but the characters sand for sound rather than meaning But the Japanese also use Chinese characters for meaning as well - First topic: Ancient Korea o You don’t need to be able to recite their early history o Know the Silla and their social ranking system o Also, know the Hwarang system (Hwarang knight) This also shows up in Korean poetry Know both - Empire and the Way of Heaven o The Chinese imperial system is one of the great contributions to East Asia and to world culture o The beginning of all of that is the Qin dynasty Accomplishments vs defects of the Qin What they contributed to unification and stability and how they seemed to contribute to their own downfall by going overboard on some of their own policies (legalism) What were the reasons for the fall of the Qin dynasty? o The Han dynasty came in with a different theory about the empire and the role of the emperor Based on unified rule established during the Qin Does the ruler involve himself in all affairs of government personally? How is the ruler supposed to emulate Heaven? o The Emperor is the son of Heaven, and like Heaven, he has certain qualities and certain ways of governing One if the element of popular support And the justification of their role Mandate of Heaven Sacred triad: Heaven, Earth. .
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Confucian principles During this period that Confucianism was adopted Imperial system ended in the 20 th century Concentrate on the role of the emperor as Heaven’s representative on Earth Theory of music that is tied to Confucianism How does music play a role in moral government? How does music reflect the moral state of the people and how does it influence
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Final Review - Bring: Blue book to be exchanged 10-15...

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