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SI Exam Review 1 - Sarah Brenda Diana TJ BISC 220 Spring...

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Sarah, Brenda, Diana, TJ BISC 220, Spring 2009 1 st Exam Review- Chapters 1-7 [email protected] Chapter 1 and 2 – Chemistry Review What are the three subatomic particles and what is their charge? Subatomic Particle Charge An isotope refers to an element with the same number of protons but a different number of _____________________. What is an example of a strong bond? _______________________. In some biological molecules we give the strong bond mentioned above a different name. Fill in the bond/linkage name: Between monomers of this biological molecule: Linkage name: Amino acids Carbohydrate Lipids (between fatty acids and glycerol) Nucleic Acids What is a mole? a. a small furry animal b. a mark (either a birthmark or sun-induced) on one’s skin that may be colored and/or raised. c. An undercover agent d. A highly spiced Mexican sauce made chiefly from Chili peppers and chocolate, served with meat e. The number of grams of a substance that equals its molecular weight in Daltons and contains Avogadro’s number of molecules. f. All of the above, but E is the best answer. What are the bio-organic elements: ____ _______ _______ _______ ______ ______ A trace element is: a. an element that is found only in small amounts throughout the world. b. an element that can cause harmful effects, such as goiter. c. an element that is only required in small amounts. d. an element that the body requires. e. A and B f. C and D Water – Chapter 3 The image to the right shows a solute molecule surrounded by a hydration shell of water. Based on your knowledge of the polarity of water, the solute molecule is most likely. a. Positively charged b. Negatively charged c. Neutral in charge d. Hydrophobic e. Nonpolar Which pair of atoms has the greatest difference in electronegativity? a. C-H b. C-C c. C-N d. H-H e. C-O 1
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Why does ice float? Some other properties of water that can be attributed to its hydrogen bonding include… 1. 2. 3. a. b. 4. A substance that has affinity for water is called ____________________. It is contains mostly _______________ or _____________ bonds. Substances that have no affinity for water are called ________________________. They contain mostly __________________ or _________________, and an example is: ____________________. Assume that acid rain has lowered the pH of a particular lake to pH 5.0. What is the hydroxide ion concentration of this lake? (please include all necessary units!) What are buffers? Recent research suggests that side effects from Ritalin, the drug used to treat attention deficit disorder, May be caused by contamination of enantiomers, or molecules that: a. have identical three-dimensional shapes b. are mirror images of one another c. lack an asymmetric carbon d. differ in location of their double bonds e. differ in their electric charge Functional Groups – Chapter 4 Name of Functional Group: Aldehyde Ketone
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SI Exam Review 1 - Sarah Brenda Diana TJ BISC 220 Spring...

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