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The two works of art I will be writing about are both paintings but they demonstrate a wide variation in styles and creation techniques. The“Deposition” by Rogier van der Weyden pg 458 and the “Creation of Adam” by Michelangelo pg 135 are the subjects of this paper. . I will cover how each work was made, how the process employed by the artist effects each work’s meaning as well as my own views about the work. Now to the first painting. The “Deposition” by Rogier is an example of an early work of oil painting. Oil painting focuses more on believable space and more realistic detail than ideas of order and measure. Oil painting has many components that should be explained. . The medium is a liquid added to the paint that makes it easier to work with. The medium has pigments which are its coloring agents. A binder is a substance that holds these pigments together. Now when it comes to oil painting the binder or oil is made from the seed of flax which is a plant that serves two purposes the other its straw is used to make the canvases, but in the case of the “Deposition” the canvas was a wood panel. Other oils are used (thinning with turpentine) to
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