lesson 12 assignment work - The two works of art I will be...

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The two works of art I will be writing about are is an earthwork and performance art. They both demonstrate a wide variation in styles and creation techniques that is often found in three-dimensional process. The“Umbrellas” by Christo and Jeanne-Claude pg 9 and the “World Flag Ant Farm” by Yukinori Yanagi pg 21 are the subjects of this paper. I will cover how each work was made, how the process employed by the artist effects each work’s meaning as well as my own views about the work. Now to the first piece. The “Umbrellas” by Christo and Jeanne-Claude is an example of an earthwork. Earthwork is an enviroment that is out-of-doors. Enviroment is a form of art that is large enough for the viewer to move around in. In the case of “Umbrellas” it was a very unique earthwork that was displayed on “October 9, 1991, along a stretch of interstate highway at Tejon Pass, north of downtown Los Angeles, 1,760 yellow umbrellas, each nineteen feet, eight inches in height, twenty-eight feet, five inches in diameter, and weighing 448 pounds, slowly opened across the parched gold hills and valleys of the Tehachapi Mountains. As awesome a spectacle this must have been it is only half the story. The real thing that made this a unique earthwork is that sixteen hours earlier-but that same morning, given the time change-1,340 blue umbrellas opened in the prefacture of Ibaraki, Japan, north of Tokyo, ninety of them in the valley’s river. The Umbrellas symbolized for the artists how vast and various the world of art has become. The Umbrellas changes with each shift in our point of view, with each change of light and weather. Their aspects-yellow or blue seen from near or far, from above or below, surrounded by many others or isolated on a ridge- are virtually infinite. You were only able to experience half of it being in either place. In California The Umbrellas seemed to stretch to the horizon and beyond. Their yellow color echoed the dry grass on the hills, the aridity of the parched California landscape, which, in 1991, was deep in drought. In Japan, the
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lesson 12 assignment work - The two works of art I will be...

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