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Ehrentraut_3 - In the following essay I shall be analyzing...

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In the following essay I shall be analyzing the elements of the rhetorical situation in Ronald Reagan’s “White House Address to the Nation”, popularly referred to as the “Challenger Address.” Specifically, I will be sharing my own personal views as I remember them, will then write about the audience and how they viewed Ronald Reagan, the occasion that made the speech so necessary, the speaker himself in this case Ronald Reagan will be covered, and the speech itself will be looked at also. Try and use more parallel wording when making lists like this. So let me start by sharing my own views as I remember the events of January 28, 1986. On the morning of January, 28, 1986, I was home from school and watching the shuttle launch, as I had done so many times before. I remember actually thinking how monotonous the launches were getting. The Shuttle goes up does some laboratory experiments and lands. I wanted to see NASA really expand space exploration. At the time it did not even excite me that a civilian was part of the onboard crew. Then it happened, after the shuttle had signaled throttle up , I froze in total shock, not believing what I had just witnessed. Even in an attempt of denial I tried to convince myself it was just special effects, I then realized it was not a dream, hallucination, nor some Hollywood magic. The space shuttle Challenger had not only exploded, n ot only that but had also been consumed by a fire ball of the exploding fuel tanks. My first thought was could any of the crew have survived . Then, I was frightened at the obvious realities. The crew did not survive and it may have signaled the end of the shuttle space program. I stayed at the television only leaving it reluctantly long enough to deliver the newspapers. When President Reagan addressed the nation I found comfort in his words of how the space program would continue. He even included a special note to the thousands of children which impressed me. The Children, because of the notoriety of the Challenger mission viewed it in auditoriums and classrooms at a time, when the “Cable in the Classroom” program was still in its infancy stages. Now I will look at the audience in more general terms.
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  • Spring '07
  • President of the United States, President Reagan, President Ronald Reagan, Space Shuttle Challenger disaster

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Ehrentraut_3 - In the following essay I shall be analyzing...

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