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Where are questions 1 and 2? The Speech I will be reviewing is “Kill Me Softly 3” by Jean Kilbourne. I will share the topic of the speech and focus on my listening habits specifically the type of strategy I used to follow the speech; what situational distractions affected my reception of the message; and whether I jumped to any conclusions, or had difficulty paying attention for an extended amount time. Now I will explain the topic of the speech. "Kill Me Softly 3" addresses the media and specifically how it portrays women and girls in advertisements. The following is what I surmised from listening to the speech. Advertising has gone from a $20 billion - $180 billion industry in just twenty years. The average American is exposed to 3000 advertisements a day and will spend over three years watching commercials during his or her lifetime . Advertising is the foundation of the mass media. It tells us who we are and who we should be. It tells us how women should look. Advertisements dismember women's bodies by focusing on breasts. The advertisements show contempt for being overweight so it is no wonder that almost four out of five girls suffer some sort of eating disorder. Teen pregnancy in the United States is the highest rate in the industrial world with articles in teen magazines that suggest sex will make you prettier. Through media advertisements the battering of women has come to be seen as normal and trivial. Both men and women should become more informed so they can make changes to provide humanity with freely chosen lives not dictated by the media. Now, the strategy I used to remember the speech was note taking. I found the note taking strategy very helpful. In the speech, I noticed a pattern, in which each topic lead into another topic that kept the speech flowing.
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Ehrentraut_4 - Where are questions 1 and 2 The Speech I...

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