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1. Jordan uses the metaphors "This my friends, is the bedrock of what concept of governing. .. These are the foundations upon which the national community can be built.” in describing the beliefs of the Democratic Party as well as the American people. To describe how the public officials were not listening to the people “but our deafness was only a temporary condition, and not an irreversible condition.” In talking about the things that make Americans similar and how Americans should all want the same things, “we ignore the common ties that bind all Americans. Are we to be one people bound together by common spirit?” Are you still listing metaphors? If so, try and work the list into your prose more smoothly. This reads like a few incomplete sentences. Jordan uses repetition by her continuous use of we such, as; We are, We believe, We have, We must, I could, and Many. Her use of rhetorical questions, “What is different, What is Special, What is it, and what are these beliefs” to name a few. Out of the three stylistic devices only the rhetorical question would be effective to me because I don't understand metaphors and I find repetition boring. I would use the rhetorical question because it encourages audience participation even if only asking them to think. Allusion, figures of speech, hyperbole, imagery, and irony are just some of the stylistic uses of language. Nice job pointing out and giving examples of stylistic uses of language. 2. Barbara C. Jordan uses tradition "One hundred and forty-four years ago. ..And our meeting this week is a continuation of that tradition.” In order to . . .? Give your claims/observations more direction and address the issue. Jordan speaks of how the American people “often turn to the Democratic Party when looking for new ways to solve the problems, and to uphold the principles of this nation." She also talks about a set of beliefs that help guide their concept of government, which is found in all of us. “We believe in equality for
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Ehrentraut_9 - 1. Jordan uses the metaphors "This my...

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