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Introduction Professor and Students, I will share brief details about myself, my career trajectory, address my plans for the future, my experiences with business writing, and what I hope to gain from this course. Let me give some background about myself. My name is Herman Ehrentraut. I was born in Frankfurt, West Germany, and am one of seven children. I moved a lot because my father was in the military. I have two cats. I enjoy bicycling, listening to music and reading. My last career spanned over eight years as a nanny for a family of six. Let me cover my career trajectory. My career trajectory is to graduate from Penn State with a degree in Liberal Arts. Then attend graduate school to get a Master’s degree in Library Sciences. Afterwards I want to either get a job in a library, preferably at a university or in the research department of a corporation. My future plans not already mentioned are my next topic. In the future, I plan to establish a career and to take courses in subjects that hold interest for me.
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