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Study Guide Exam 1 Hist 2112 Identification and multiple choice questions Frederick Jackson Turner- Frontier Thesis 16 th Amendment- Federal income tax. 17 th Amendment- People elect own senators. 18 th Amendment- Alcohol prohibited. 19 th Amendment- Women get the right to vote. Levi Strauss- German immagrant, Sanfransisco, received patent for riveted waste overalls – Levi 501’s. Census of 1890- First census tabulated by a machine, within 18 months. Frontier no longer existed at time. Compromise of 1877- Hayes supporters agreed to withdraw federal troops from the South and not oppose the new Democratic state governments. Democrats droppoed opposition to Hayes’s election and pledged to respect African Americans’ rights. Henry Grady- Editor of Atlanta Constitution. “The south didn’t furnish a thing on earth for that funeral but the corpse and the hole in the ground!” Campained for “New South” – bustling industry, cities, and commerce. The New South- Bustling industry, cities, and commerce. Well in to twentieth century remained poorest section of country. Unwieldy labor system (largely unskilled/racially divided). Economy remained agricultural, crops – tobacco, rice, sugar, cotton. World demand for cotton grew slowly and prices fell. Farms in other parts of country – more efficient, southern farms decreased in size. Constant struggle to balance love of sport/leisure with pull of Christian piety. Birmingham, AL- Turning out iron pipe for gas, water, and sewer lines vital to cities. Deposits ill suited to produce kinds of steel in demand. Buchanan Duke- Sharecropping- Aftican American families farmed separate plots of land, at end of year divided crop with white landowner. Offered greater personal freedom than being a wage laborer. Rarely enough to make ends meet. Crop-lien System- Reduced many farmers to virtual slavery by shackling them to debt.
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Mortgage on crops.
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