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Article review 1

Article review 1 - Unit One Global Issues in the Twenty...

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Unit One: Global Issues in the Twenty First Century: An Overview Feminists and Fundamentalists Kavita Ramdas The women’s movement is considered one of the most successful movements. That statement is backed up by the growing global desire for the same type of democracy. The women’s movement not only granted women legal equality, but it promoted and instilled the idea that these values should be desired by everyone, not just accepted and followed. This article asks if this is a permanent state of mind, especially globally. There are many arguments as to why this movement will not be permanent, but one that is common to many cultures is the desire to go back to the ways of the past. An example of this in America is that we are experiencing a Christian fundamentalist movement. This cuts down women’s rights in ways such as the Southern Baptist church putting the word obey back in to women’s marriage vows, yet not in to men’s. In other cultures it is
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