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Unit One: Global Issues in the Twenty First Century: An Overview Can Extreme Poverty Be Eliminated? Jeffery D. Sachs This article discusses the potential for elimination of global poverty. Sachs is on the U.N. Millennium Project, and has proposed solutions that he believes will end (or at least greatly reduce) poverty by the year 2025. One out of every six of the 6.5 billion people on this earth live in poverty. These people are expected to eat, drink, bathe, and provide shelter off of one dollar or less a day. There are many different theories for why this poverty exists. It has been argued by many that weak governments are at the root of poverty. Governments that do not open up markets or provide public services correlate with nations that have a high poverty rate. Even a growing economy in a nation won’t necessarily help the situation of the poor. Often times that can contribute to extreme poverty by taking more from the poor and giving more to the rich. Again that shows that basic government services are necessary- such as health, education, and
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