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Unit Two: Population and Food Production Article 7: Minority Report The trouble with integration The Economist October 28, 2006 In 2005 two boys were killed by cops while running from them in Clichy, France. The actual cause of the riots in rough Banlieue neighborhoods has been debated. Some suggest it was a “Suburban intifada,” meaning they were an act of Islamic radicalism. However, the domestic intelligence-gathering service in France rejects that theory, backing that up with saying they have never heard of burning cars (an action that occurred during the riots) in the name of Allah, but rather going home in the name of Allah. They claim the riots occurred as a result of social problems (i.e.- joblessness, poverty, illegal immigration, organized crime, family breakdown, and lack of parental authority). The Economist as well as an Islamic scholar agree that integration is the problem rather than Islam. Integration is hard to accomplish as a result of lack of jobs.
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