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Unit Two: Population and Food Production Article 8: Bittersweet Harvest The debate over genetically modified crops Honor Hsin The use of genetically modified crops is internationally debated over a broad range of topics by a vast amount of different organizations/ scientists/ countries/ corporations. On one end the crops could be extremely beneficial in many ways, while on the other there are potential health and environmental risks associated with their use. There are many mixed opinions on these controversial crops. Environmentally these crops would eliminate the need of spraying crops with large amounts of pesticides many times each season, which is expensive, dangerous to the farmer, as well as not always completely effective. The GM crops release the toxins themselves. However, they could harm other organisms, and pests could build up tolerance to BT plants. GM plans could take their toll on human health. Farmers could have allergic reactions to these highly toxin-concentrated plants. Exact effects of the consumption of GM plans to human
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