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CoverEhrentraut - 109 The challenges I faced in completing...

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Cover Memo To: Ms. Galbo From: Herman Ehrentraut Date: January 25, 2006 Subject: Project 1: Correspondence Packet Ms. Galbo, These were the strategies I used in composing these documents, the challenges I faced in responding to the scenarios described above and how I successfully handled them in my documents. In composing the memos I followed the format found in Figure 9-8 and the guidelines for negative messages found on pg 85 and pgs 336-338. For the emails I chose the format found in Figure 9-10 pg
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Unformatted text preview: 109. The challenges I faced in completing this assignment: • understanding the different formats • understanding the bounds of creativity allowed I over came these problems in the following manner: * reviewing the reading material * asking my instructor for aide * asking my sister for aide * asking my therapist for advice I learned a lot from this assignment that should make future assignments less stressful. Sincerely, Herman...
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