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Unformatted text preview: Unit Three: The Global Environment and Natural Resources Utilization Article 11: The Impact of Asia's Giants How China and India could save the planet- or destroy it Bryan Walsh China and India currently have very low emission of greenhouse gasses. However their attempts at economic expansion and desire to live an American lifestyle could lead to their emission of gasses skyrocketing if they don't work towards more efficient energy sources. It was estimated that China's greenhouse emission will equal that of the entire industrialized world between 2000-2030. India isn't far behind with an estimated 70% increase by the year 2025. Already both country's energy usage has gone up rapidly recently, but a lot of both countries still don't have access to electricity. Their citizens are facing extreme poverty. In trying to come out of that much energy will be required and they have easy access to an abundance of coal. Their main concerns are with their country's growth and the poor air and water quality over climate change. China and India both have the power to expand their economy while setting the stage for the rest of the energy-hogging world with more efficient ways of using energy. They can continue building power plants and factories, but become more energy efficient and clean each time. They have the potential to spark the major energy consumers reducing emissions everywhere rather than increasing theirs tremendously. China and India can develop ways for their booming economies to make it cost and time efficient to reduce emissions, but the US needs to recognize and take responsibility for finding ways to reduce emissions. We need to take control because we have thus far been the worst contributors to the problem. China and India are already more internationally interested in helping the problem then we are internally. We need to start living more of the Chinese/Indian lifestyle rather than the other way around. All countries should be helping but the US definitely needs to accept responsibility and take the most action. This article said, "even among many green advocates here, climate change is seen as a less pressing problem than air and water pollution," referring to China and India. I felt they said that in a negative way, which I disagree with. China is having current extreme air water/pollution problems which should be addressed before climate change. Jennifer Clift Global Issues and Society February 12, 2008 Dr. Ruth Cater ...
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