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e85 - Kayla Clahassey ISS 310-733V Writing Assignment 4 E85...

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Kayla Clahassey 7/30/07 ISS 310-733V Writing Assignment 4 E85: Good or Bad? E85 is an alternative to oil, which is made up of 85% ethanol and 15% gasoline. Ethanol is usually made out of corn (mostly) and some other plants. It is an attractive alternative to gasoline because of many things, one including the need for less oil to be imported to the United States each day. Using ethanol would make our gas prices lower and helps our air stay cleaner. Since it has so much less gasoline, it will burn cleaner, and keep our environment a lot less polluted than gasoline alone. CO2 is produced during the process of making and burning of this fuel, but the crops re-use it as a nutrient. I have read a numerous amount of articles, some of which are saying that ethanol should not be used in our environment. One article I read stated that ethanol A couple of good reasons for using ethanol are both the improvement of air quality, and maybe someday the United States becoming less reliable on other fuel sources. The improvement of air quality is a given. Ethanol is made out of corn, and
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