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Unformatted text preview: I found this article in a British periodical titled Times Online. It seems like a fairly straightforward news sight for that country. The article “How I escaped Islamism” immediately caught my attention. It as a first-person account of how a man did not really have much of an identity (being a South Asian in England), and how easily he was lured in to the faith. He discusses how much he was intrigued by the faith but later finds major contradictions with many of the “believer’s” actions. The extremists were not people he wanted to be involved with but he felt it was too late to back out. I think diction is key in this article. Even at the beginning, the author’s use of the word “intoxicating” referring to the prospect of being part of the religion. It signifies how strong and desirable it is to many people and represents why it is such a widely practiced faith today. His use of the word “divided” connotes a strong image of a wall, a segregation between “believers”...
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