book notes-influence - CH1 Fixed action patterns- can...

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Unformatted text preview: CH1 Fixed action patterns- can involve intricate sequences of behavior, such as courtship, or mating rituals. A fundamental characteristic of these patterns is that the behaviors comprising them occur in virtually the same fashion and in the same order every time. Click and the appropriate tape is activated, whirr and out rolls the standard sequence of behaviors. Colors are often triggers in animal cases. The automatic fixed-action patterns of these animals work very well most of the time. Second important thing is to understand that we to, have our pre-programmed tapes, and although they usually work to our advantage, the trigger features that activate them can dupe us into playing the tapes at the wrong times. When we ask someone to do us a favor, we will be more successful if we provide a reason. People like given reasons to actions. And the word because triggers reason. A stereo-type to guide buying: expensive=good. People who are unsure of an items quality often use this stereotype. you get what you pay for We need to use shortcuts to get thru a day: we usually use stereotypes, rules of thumb, to classify things according to a few key features and then to respond without thinking when one or another of these trigger features is present. BUT- not even the best features work EVERYTIME. Judgmental heuristics- mental shortcuts that we can employ in making our everyday judgments. Especially relevant to this book are Heuristics that tell us when to believe or do what we are told. if and expert said so, it must be true This tendency to respond mechanically to one piece of info in a situation is what we have been calling automatic, or click, whirr responding; the tendency to react on the basis of a through analysis of al the info that can be referred to as controlled responding. People with a personal stake used their own judgment as opposed to those that would be unaffected-they accept the expert rule Quite a lot of lab studies has shown that people are more likely to deal with info in a controlled fashion when they have both desire and ability to analyze it carefully; otherwise, they are likely to use the easier...
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book notes-influence - CH1 Fixed action patterns- can...

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