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Descartes1 - Mehmet Dervisogullari Beaupre J Phil 100w...

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Mehmet Dervisogullari Beaupre, J. Phil 100w January 30, 2008 Descartes – Meditations: In the “First Meditation”, Descartes tries to distinguish between mere opinion and absolute certainty. He starts with questioning the fundamentals which supported everything he once believed. He investigated senses and found out that everything we sense are prone to error and we cannot confirm their truhtness. That means the beliefs coming from senses might not be true and certain. Then he came up with the term “objective reality”. He was believing the hypothesis of “an evil genius, as clever and deceitful as he is powerful, who has directed his entire effort to misleading me”. As a result, he decided that all his former beliefs might be false, and he should come up with some kind of fundamentals that he can trust their certainty, and build his following beliefs on those fundamentals. In the Second Meditation, the compares his task to that of Archimedes who had found an absolute and fundamental truth that certainty had been proved: the gravity. This principle is not based on
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