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Syllabus 151g - CLASSICS 151g CIVILIZATION OF ROME Fall...

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CLASSICS 151g: CIVILIZATION OF ROME Fall 2007 TuTh 11 – 12:20 TEACHING STAFF Professor Thomas Habinek Department of Classics, THH 256 Office Hours: Tuesday 1-3 or by appointment Email: habinek Teaching Assistants Devon Harlow dharlow @ AIMS OF COURSE The purpose of the course is to introduce students to the civilization of ancient Rome and its continuing impact on later cultures. Students will acquire a knowledge of major historical events and periods from the beginnings of Rome through late antiquity and the emergence of Christianity as a political force. In additions, students will explore key cultural monuments and practices of the Roman world, including literature, oratory, art, spectacle, and the structures of everyday life. We will consider in particular the interaction between cultural practices and historical change: how each one shapes the other within and beyond the Roman world. The course fulfills the General Education requirement for Category I: Cultures and Civilizations (Europe and the Americas). COURSE REQUIREMENTS Regular attendance at lecture and section. Asking questions and hearing others’ questions asked and answered are important parts of the learning process. Students are expected to participate in the learning process and not just receive knowledge. Advance preparation. Readings should be done during or prior to the week indicated on the Course Schedule. Students should feel free to ask questions about the readings during lectures or at discussion section. Midterm Exams. There will be two midterms, as noted on the Course Schedule. These exams will review key concepts from the lectures and the readings. They will consist of a mix of short answers or IDs and essays. Reading Quizzes. In order to help students keep up with the work during the semester, there will be five short reading quizzes given in section. These will be objective in format.
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Paper. In accordance with General Education requirements, students will prepare a 12-15
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Syllabus 151g - CLASSICS 151g CIVILIZATION OF ROME Fall...

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