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1.19 notes - -• More personal less pressure than larger...

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Gen ed : approach in seach of a focus Logic : deliberation-empahsis on unstable nature of knowledge Method - integrative or synthetic-integrates separate entities Subject matter - problems Goal- critical decision making characteristics of active approach to significant recurrent social issues participation in a democratic society Instruction -learning-giving knowledge Teaching -education-alternative__using deliberations I&T- knowledge Wisdom -knowledge applied Teaching -capacity to go beyond the established into probability Excess for cults -extreme forms of social organization Problem with cults - esternal dependence, vulnerability to dynamics found in group interaction Tension - collective/self Distructive -excess Constructive -balance Small group characteristics
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Unformatted text preview: -• More personal, less pressure than larger, which can only be an ideological agreement Multilevel communication Symbolic exchange- shared dialects between groups Interdependence- dependence on one another, fundamental to reprocity SYNERGY Synergy-work of a group that accomplishes more than an individual can do. Flow-when your skils match the set challenges, get altered states • Under nonsensical situations, we have fixed action patterns Dissonance- any incompatability between two or more people phsychologically Incompatibally- 3 conjoint effects • Cognitive • Emotion • Evaluative Magnitude- importance Reduction- change in direction of current perspective Maximum- resistance of least stable element...
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