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RECOPROCITY Principle- repayment for what has been received Emotional products reinforcing principle reaction obcided indebtedness o Gratitude o Decency o Responsibility o Fairness o Equality o Connection Failure to repay, in equitable value, produces stress Cognitive dissonance- relation between cognitions where the psychological implications or one is incompatible with that of another o Magnitude-importance of cognitions in support o Maximum- resistance of the least stable element Process-discomfort (dissonance) when gifts are refused Prior receipt- enhances compliance with request o Positive attachment to giver enhances compliance, but not necessary Desire for OR solicitation of gift unnecessary Sense of propriety/reasonableness enhances compliance refusal deemed impolite Surprise produces uncertainty enhancing compliance As long as the gift is “possessed” reciprocity is active Extent of gift must be moderate to avoid “justification leak”
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