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EE 200 Fall 2008 (Weber) Homework 4 At the upper right corner on page 1 of all homeworks, show: Last name, First name Date EE 200, Homework # Show intermediate steps whenever possible. 1. Problem 8 in chapter 8. 2. Problem 10 in chapter 8. You don’t have to show a proof of the systems being linear or time invariant. Just indicate what they are. 3. Problem 14 in chapter 8. In this problem keep in mind that you don’t know anything about how the
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Unformatted text preview: system S works other than that it is LTI, and that when the input function x ( t ) described in the problem goes into it, the y ( t ) function is the output. 4. Problem 15 in chapter 8. In all three parts of the problem ±rst ±nd a way to represent the input signal x ( n ) in the form of a complex exponential. 5. Problem 16 in chapter 8. 6. Problem 18 in chapter 8. 1...
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