1.24 - 1/24 PROCESS OF OBEDIENCE (obedience: external...

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1/24 PROCESS OF OBEDIENCE (obedience: external authority; commitment, internal authority) *a morale-existent in everything Antecedent conditions (distant) Family o socialization in context of structures of authority 4 CONDITIONS o Active- requires something of you that will involve greater commitment o Writing- if you write something down there is a deeper commitment to follow through o Voluntary- choice: most important in regards to consistency. Reflects what you are o Effort- SOCIAL PROOF- COMPLIANCE GOES UP Acquisitions of morality is inseparable from induction of obedient attitude o Demand for obedience is the constant across variant commands and situations Acquires a prepotent strength relative to any moral content Institutional settings o Pervasive experiences as subordinate in authority system Posture of submission required for competent functioning with superiors (personal/impersonal) coordination of command with function of authority: o presence of intelligible link between nature of command function of
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1.24 - 1/24 PROCESS OF OBEDIENCE (obedience: external...

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