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External e-mail Scenario 2 Subject: Sponsorship for Sign at Ball Field Date: Tue 24 Jan 2006 21:28:32 From: Herman Ehrentraut <[email protected]> To: Susan Monk <[email protected]> Ms. Monk Warren Enterprises is very much honored to once again be given the opportunity to sponsor a sign in the baseball field and is in fact extremely interested in pursuing this offer but first there is still the unsettled matter of last year’s float for the annual Patriots Day parade. Last year the Chamber of Commerce asked us if we wanted to sponsor a float in the annual Patriots Day parade for a $1,000. Warren Enterprises felt that it was a great investment in public relations. However we found the following problems with it: It contained a misrepresentation of our company’s logo, and
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Unformatted text preview: • The poor construction of the float . Furthermore, all attempts that we have made in trying to resolve the problem have gone unanswered. Now as a solution that would benefit us both and settle this matter, Warren Enterprises is willing to put up $1,000 if the Chamber of Commerce puts up the remaining $1,000 towards the sponsorship of the sign. Then we will consider the parade float matter closed. We at Warren Enterprises hope you accept our fair offer so we can continue to have good relations. Thanks, Mr. Ehrentraut Herman Ehrentraut, Vice President Public Relations, Warren Enterprises 2038 West 33rd Avenue, Ocean, FL 00003 Off: 814-555-3764 Fax: 814-555-3513 email: [email protected]..
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